Hello and welcome! I have always collected Anime Cel's for many years but never turned my full attention to them until recently. I have always tried to pick up those key cels that are amazing to me, while more recently I have started to gobble up as much as I can (still not sure why!). MY tastes range, and my collection is still small.

You will find classic anime cel's down to famous and not so famous American cel's.

Please! If you can check the Unknown cels section and help me identify these!

News & Updates

12/24/2007Updated with... 2 Original Transformers cels, 2 Unknown Vintage cels, He-Man & She-Ra, & of course... Bubblegum Crisis Cels
5/16/2007Updated a few Original Transformers cels. Also had Zag help with Unknown cels!
4/26/2007Just piled on about 30 new cels I picked up in Japan. They vary from new to old, and many Sol Bianca. Picked up a another Tenchi Muyo Hanken of Washu!
3/1/2007Added Tenchi Muyo Hanken

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Title Last Updated
1980's Cartoon Cels (25) 12/24/2007
1990's Cartoon Cels (7) 2/2/2007
Backgrounds (8) 2/2/2007
Blue Gender (6) 4/26/2007
Bubblegum Crash (16) 12/24/2007
Bubblegum Crisis (21) 10/6/2009
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (5) 4/26/2007
He-Man & She-Ra (12) 12/24/2007
Lamune 40 Fresh (2) 4/26/2007
Newer Anime Cels (24) 4/26/2007
Random Vintage Cels (16) 2/15/2008
Shadow Skill (4) 1/14/2007
Slayers (4) 1/17/2007
Sol Bianca (21) 9/1/2008
Tenchi in Tokyo (6) 4/26/2007
Tenchi Muyo (20) 6/8/2007
Transformers (16) 1/22/2008
Unknown Cels (20) 12/16/2009

Curator: Washu
Gallery Created: 5/1/2006

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